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How to Have Sex Without a Condom – 6 Sexy Tips to Help You Win

How do you really get a girl to have sex with you without a condom? In this article we will give you some tips on how to successfully initiate sex without a condom. This is an option that can save you money, but you will have to be willing to take the risk. If you are not comfortable doing it then you are probably not ready for a relationship.

You must believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. I learned this the hard way. I made a lot of mistakes. I had trouble making new friends and now I am not looking to be in a relationship with someone who would want to make a move like this. A relationship should never require you to kiss someone without protection because the end result is probably going to be disastrous.

You have to really know how to come up with the right formula to keep yourself out of trouble when you ask her how to have sex without a condom. Here are some ideas that can help you get the job done.

Make sure you really know what you want before you start thinking about sex. You have to put some time into this if you want it to work. Your timing needs to be great.

An important thing you need to do is understand her boundaries. You do not want to push her into something she does not want to do.

Make sure that you have all of the right tools and accessories before you start working on your method. Remember that you are using a condom and you have to use products that are approved by the FDA. Do your research so that you know what you are working with and you can then make an informed decision.

Tip: If you have ever had a girlfriend before then you might know that the issue of condoms is a pretty hot topic. Let her know that you would prefer her to use a condom, but you would not mind if she wanted to do it on her own. Now is not the time to fight and make a big deal out of something that is very simple.

Tip: The best tip you can give is just to have fun. It is not really fun to run around saying, “How to have sex without a condom”. The best thing to do is find something that she enjoys doing and you two can get some pleasure from it.

Tip: If you are a guy, don’t even think about telling her that you want to do this, or do this. All you will be doing is setting her up for disaster. Just let her know that you are into her and have this in mind while you are talking.

Tip: This is a tip for the male and female. You both have to come up with a plan together. You cannot do it all on your own and you certainly need to make sure that she knows that.

When you have this happening in your life and you have the confidence, then you will realize that it is just one of those “how to have sex without a condom” situations that you are going to have. Just enjoy it, take the thrill away and move on to something else.


How to Have Sex Without a Condom

Wondering how to have sex without a condom? This article is designed to teach you how to safely and effectively penetrate your partner without a condom. Here are a few simple steps to follow that will make the whole experience more enjoyable and memorable.

No matter what type of sexual activities you are involved in, always use protection. Many people do not realize that if you have used any type of lubricant, then there is no way to get it in during vaginal penetration. Yes, it can be done with anal sex as well but it is difficult and dangerous to do so.

Before sex, you should warm up to your partner. The first time sex may not seem as hot but it will after you are warmed up. If you and your partner do not warm up and relax then there is a high chance of injury. You want to be relaxed enough to do what you have to do so that your partner will be too.

During sex do not rush or thrust so quickly. Although this is the usual way of engaging in sex, it can cause serious injury and also can cause an allergic reaction to occur. Faster sex means less time for foreplay, which can sometimes lead to a very unsatisfying experience.

One of the most common mistakes is to not allow one partner to touch the other person. If both partners do not get to touch one another there is a possibility of a sexually transmitted disease being passed between the two of you. This is even more true when one partner has a condom on.

Instead of jumping straight into sex it is best to warm up before you even get started. This will make it much easier to keep a good grip on the penis and better for the other person’s body. After all, you are both in it together.

Sometimes condoms will slip off, but they should never fall off as they are supposed to protect your penis and the body during sex. To avoid this you need to avoid slipping them off and start kissing after the act if you are not already doing so.

It is a good idea to make sure you are in total control during sex. In some cases a partner may not be able to stop you from having sex but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are going to give your partner some physical pleasure then do so.

Premature ejaculation can be prevented by making sure you do not masturbate. Some people take a hard line against masturbation but some really enjoy it helps them reach climax.

If you are both doing well then perhaps a kiss is the right thing to do. However, if you are both not able to talk about what you want to do, then you can probably try and lead the way. If you are not comfortable with this, then you can always choose to do it by yourself.

This is just a small list of the ways to have sex without a condom. There are others but these are some of the more common and safest.

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For a start, you need to understand how drug tests are conducted per state. Because you need to know each state stipulate that such tests be conducted. It equally stipulates what you are expected to do. Some federal establishments can carry out those tests as a routine. This means that you will be undergoing that test from time to time. Departments of Defense and that of Transportation will always require such a test. If you are working in any of this establishment, you will be expected to undergo those tests.

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There are different types of drug tests that you can undergo. The tests include urine tests, hair drug tests, blood tests as well as saliva tests. In some cases, sweat drug tests can be ordered. These tests are ordered for a number of reasons. They type of tests you are asked to go depends on what the authorities want to investigate.

The best way to pass that test is to abstain from using such drugs. If there are no traces of them in the body, then you may pass the test. The outcome of the test will reveal how long or when you use that drug last. For instance, alcohol test detect use within the last one to two days.

Different drugs have numbers of days they are expected to stay in the body. Authorities are clearly aware of this when they order for this kind of test. You should do everything that the test covers a longer period. The length of stay in your body depends on certain things and they include the frequency of use of such drugs as well as diet, weight and several other factors.

When the test is conducted samples of your blood, hair, urine, as well as saliva, will be required for the test. It, however, depends on the type of test you are asked to do. For you to pass such a test, it means that the test outcome will read negative. It is the desire of most people going through such tests to have a negative outcome.

The most popular of such tests is the urine test. This is often required for employment purpose. It can also be required for other kinds of purposes. When you are undergoing this test, it is very important that you know the purpose of such tests. The first thing that you need to know about the urine test is that it is the most common of all the tests.

Because it is the most common, which means that it is frequently demanded of all tests, there are different ways of passing that test. You need to know that the method to use to pass that test depends on the time you have to conduct that test. When urine test is required, you must present your urine sample, which will be used for that test. You can do this your home.

For official purposes, it can be done in the office or the laboratory. Organization demanding the test will determine the place you will present the sample for the test. It can be done in the bathroom but laboratory employee will be there observe it or to monitor how you collect that urine sample. They will ensure that you actually use your sample to run that test.

Before you go for the test, it is important that you provide the list of your medications if you are already on drugs. This is to ensure that there is no false positive results or false negative results and so on. If you run the test in a reputable laboratory, they have a way of sieving that to ensure that there is no false results. You need to make available your medication lists because it is known that some herbal remedies as well as over the counter drugs can cause that fake alarm. Laboratories will take note of your medications when they doing the test.

Urine tests are done to detect a lot of things about the body. Different kinds of drugs are often tested and the type to test depends on different things such as legal history as well as personal factors. Furthermore, it is done for job recruitment requirements, legal guidelines. It can also be ordered to know the cause of workplace accidents and so on. When the test is ordered, different kinds of drugs are often tested.

Furthermore, it is important that you know how long such drugs can remain in the body system if you are a user. The purpose of the urine test is not to determine whether you are using drugs or not. It tests the extent of usage for a specific period. They want to determine whether you have used drugs for a period. It is important that you understand the purpose of such tests before you embark and will assist you in preparing about how to scale through the test.

Online dating by far is the most convenient way to meet people. I know sometimes it’s easier to stick to what you know but trying new ways of doing things aren’t too bad either. There are dating sites specifically for your age group use them! Online dating can be very fun. Look through the profiles, read them, look at the pictures, send messages, just have fun with it! Don’t be afraid or intimidated to reach out to someone that you find interesting. To be honest everyone is not going to be your cup of tea and vice versa. So if you throw yourself out there and you don’t get a response it’s ok! Don’t get discouraged just dust yourself off and try again. Also, you are not required to respond to everyone who messages you. Don’t waste your time! If someone sends you a message and you read through their profile and look through the pictures and they seem like someone you’re not interested in that’s fine it’s totally ok to pick and choose who you decide to converse with. Last but not least be aware of the “ catfish” this is someone who doesn’t have pictures up, someone who basically seems too good to be true and you’re getting a funny feeling about it always trust your feelings.

We can’t talk about dating without talking about sex. Let’s be honest at 50 and beyond everyone is different. Some people libido increases others decrease. This is something that should be discussed when the time is right with the person you are thinking about being intimate with. Let’s face it at this age you know what you want sexually why not have exactly that. Having the sex talk is imperative and don’t be ashamed or timid it’s perfectly fine to do. Women, I know after a certain age dryness can become an issue but don’t let it be one. There are plenty of lubrication that are around even some specifically for sensitive skin use them! Safe sex is important at any age! Please protect yourself and or go get tested together if using condoms is something you decide you don’t want to do for the duration of your relationship. Lastly remember you are beautiful. Be sexy, be confident, be your authentic self. Age doesn’t define you or your worth. Stand in front of the mirror naked and embrace every inch of your body and look at how wonderfully made you are!